The number of people offering *free* opportunities which are just glorified advertisements with clickbait titles has grown exponentially and is clogging up my inbox.


I’m sure I’m not the only one here, who is getting mighty fed up with the countless emails offering a wonderful, completely free course or workshop that will teach you how to make big bucks writing or doing something else online (like offering a free class that is just a great big advertisement for something paid). Looking through just the first page of my email this morning, there were more than 20 offers. …

There are several factors that give some people resistance or even immunity to COVID-19 even though they’ve never had the virus or received the vaccine.


Now that many people have been fully vaccinated for months, there is discussion about just how long this will protect us from getting the virus, or at least getting deathly ill from it. Additional doses being offered to some 28 days after their second dose of a mRNA vaccine, and booster shots offered to others eight months after receiving the second dose of a mRNG vaccine are creating concern about how long the protection lasts.

There is also a great deal of interest in individuals who have some resistance to the virus or are actually immune to it. Medical researchers…

It’s the ups and downs in life that keep you moving forward and arriving at a plateau does not mean calm, it mean you have stagnated and need to do something to shake things up.

Credit: Life is a Journey/CC BY SA 4.0

Do you remember what it was like being in college or if not school, then discovering what you believed to be your calling or life’s purpose? Maybe, your first interest was your dream but you found you weren’t cut out for it. …

Shadow Art in Redwood California by Damon Belanger painted on sidewalks

Some mornings are worse than others
When the blinds remain shut
Against the bruised dawn
And though she’s up and dressed
Her look when I enter knocks me back
The blow a visceral fist made from
Pursed lined lips and hate filled eyes
I take a deep breath
The air like smoke in my lungs
Suggest we walk
“Look at the colors,” I try
“It’s like the moon has set fire to the sun”
Even before the words leave my mouth, I know it is a mistake
It’s an eternity anticipating her blackened scowl
I am wrecked
I retreat within where I can safely consider my role
How to help when she refuses to listen
To allow…

Learn how to write and use meta descriptions on Medium to improve your ranking and increase your fan base.

Credit: Excelsior College

Meta descriptions are your last hope to attract a reader to your work on search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s a critical part of digital marketing and one writers often neglect. If you aren’t writing specific meta descriptions for each article you create, you may miss a lot of traffic that can bring in new readers and fans.

What are Meta Descriptions?

A meta description is the snippet of information found below the link of a search result. Its purpose is to describe what your content is about for the reader. The goal is to convince the reader that your article is the one…

Making yourself more human to your readers can help you gain more followers and keep them coming back

Credit: Tony Alter/flickr

Something I’ve been learning how to do over time, is put a little more of myself in my stories. This doesn’t come easily to me, since I’m a technical academic writer who was well trained to remove myself from my work. So, I’m still a bit uncomfortable opening up about who I am. Yet, the content I find myself drawn to is often toned down, and more personal in nature compared to more formal types of writing. …

Except for a handful of writers, they have gotten rid of base pay for the rest of promising good earnings through page views alone, then dropped RPM so low that you would need millions of views per article to earn even a small amount of income.

Credit: Wikimedia

I have been fairly vocal about the different turn of events that have occurred with Newsbreak over the past year. …

Strategies to help motivate you to write more when writing is the last thing you want to do.

The Sisyphus Syndrome

While publishing frequency isn’t always the best metric when pursuing your writing goals, increasing it is generally an effective strategy for helping to also increase your reads, shares, followers, and fans. HubSpot demonstrated this by analyzing their customer data which resulted in a strong positive correlation found between the number of posts that were published each month and traffic. The traffic for 11 + monthly posts was over three times as much as the traffic for just a single post.

However, it can be difficult to publish a lot when your motivation to write has dropped to an imperceptible level…

The Medium Creator Fellowship is creating a divide in earnings for Medium writers and those not in the program are earning even less than ever before.

When I was approached by Newsbreak to write for them, I took some time to consider it because it seemed too good to be true. But I joined with the expectation it would be a three-month stint and then it would be over. But then they changed and extended the contract and did so every month until before I knew it, I’d been writing for them for about 10 months.

Then all of a sudden, a few days before the end of July, they sent out emails to most of us, saying we would only be earning page views from…

Jewish groups and the Chicago mayor denounced the head of the largest Chicago Police Union, John Catanzara, after he compared the mayor’s order for all city employees to be vaccinated to actions carried out in Nazi Germany.

Chicago police threaten to walk off the job if forced to take the vaccine, leaving the city without protection and compromising the safety of all who live there Wikimedia Commons

As a Jew, I know how important it is for others to understand why the Jewish community becomes so upset when people become angry due to an argument and compare whatever is the cause to the holocaust or call someone a Nazi. When people don’t comprehend the nature of attempted genocide and compare it to whatever they don’t like, it shows that they…

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