Guests opting for Hilton’s Five Feet to Fitness rooms stay healthy and in shape with state of the art exercise equiptment and guided workouts

Credit: ClayManley/flickr

When travelers book hotel rooms, they often look for certain comforts such as a pool, restaurant or bar or spa facility. One of the most popular features hotel guests traditionally value is a gym. Whether people are traveling for business or pleasure, many often don’t want to leave their workouts…

You can earn passive income from easy to create low content or no content books and journals on Amazon

Many writers have tried to use Amazon’s Kindle platform to publish books and make money. However, despite their efforts, while they can self-publish their book without trouble, a lot of these writers earn little to no money from their hard work. This is often due to factors such as self…

COVID-19 Research

Clip-on virus sensors are being tested to detect whether you are near someone who has the virus

Credit: Fresh Air Clip attached to shirt, Krystal Pollitt

For those of us who contracted COVID-19 early on, most of us learned of it only after we developed symptoms. Perhaps some of us were told about who had exposed us, but at the beginning many weren’t and once symptoms developed, people generally weren’t as concerned with where they’d picked…

Chicago, IL

Some say the Loop lacks important characteristics used to define Chicago neighborhoods

The Loop in Chicago (CC BY-SA 3.0 )Roman Kharkovski/Wikimedia Com

Similar to other large cities, Chicago is divided into neighborhoods. Some of these are more centrally placed with famous landmarks such as River North with the MART on the award-winning Chicago Riverwalk, or the Gold Coast where you can find the original Playboy Mansion. Others are off the beaten path…

There are reports that a researcher in Cyprus has identified a strain of the coronavirus that is a combination of the delta and omicron variant

Credit: Matryx/Pixabay

Fear has been growing over reports that a researcher in Cyprus has found a strain of the coronavirus that combines the delta and omicron variants. Leondios Kostrikis,who is professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus, said the strain has omicron-like genetic signatures within the delta genomes”. He has…

After a particularly difficult year for children due to the pandemic, Illinois passes a law allowing them five excused absences for mental health reasons without the need to document it with a note from their mental health service provider.

Credit: University of Cape Town News (CC BY-ND 4.0)

Starting in April 2020, the number of pediatric mental health emergency visits to the hospital increased significantly and continued to be high for the next six months. Compared with rated from the previous year, mental health related visits for children ages 2–11 years increased almost 25 percent while similar visits…

Teaching students from all over the world, I have realized how important it is to do whatever I can to get students’ names right.

Source: Archive for Category Rights (CC BY 4.0)

I remember when Kamala Harris became Joe Biden’s running mate. At the time, it seemed funny how many people pronounced her name incorrectly, even after she’d been asked the pronunciation during several interviews. In some cases, it was just a matter of someone putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable…

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