Trump’s Policy Separating Migrant Children from Families Cruel and Unusual

Tent City in Tornillo, Texas Holding Thousands of Children Separated from Their Families

Response From the American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association (APA) has issued a statement expressing their concerns regarding the health and well-being of these children in regards to continuing to keep them separated from their families. President of the APA, Jessica Henderson Daniel stated::

Research Related to Trauma in Children

The federal policy of separating children and parents who are caught attempting to illegally cross the U.S., a practice that led to strong criticism since it’s inception, could have profound and long-lasting if not permanent effects on the psychological well-being of the children involved, according to expert Paul Spiegel.


From a human point of view, it is difficult to see how separating parents and children because they have attempted to illegally cross our border is warranted or what possible reason there could be for doing so other than punishment. If a policy is illegal, then following the law is the appropriate act. Families caught trying to illegally cross the border who cannot substantiate that they will be in danger should they be forced to go back to their country, should be returned. If it is determined that this law might not reflect what we feel is a fair or optimal way of handling the situation, then there should be a focus on changing the law.

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