With COVID-19 it’s more important than ever to let your readers know you’re still there. As we enter another year with COVID-19 in the air, it’s important to consider how the virus is affecting our readership when considering what kind of content to produce.

Make your stories more personal to relate to your readers. Focus on storytelling not on just imparting information. Readers aren’t looking formal writing now. We’re all looking for ways to connect with others every chance we get. We will quickly avoid anything that makes us feel more isolated or separated from others.

Loosen up on your social media and let your personality shine. This can be hard for a lot of us who tend to be more private but even major brands have realized the value of this strategy in making themselves seem more relatable.

Ask questions readers can answer in the comments section to establish a dialogue. Neil Patel utilizes an approach to make his readers partners by asking them for help.

Work towards getting your readers to follow you, join your email list or signup for your newsletter. This will make it easier for you to interact with your readers and make them feel like they have a personal link to you. It will also create a sense of relationship which we are all striving so hard to establish and maintain with others these days.

I write about behavioral health & other topics. I’m Managing Editor (Serials, Novellas) for LVP Press. See my other articles: https://hubpages.com/@nataliefrank

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